• Loraine

    Founder & Owner

    Loraine started the company in 2012 after leaving her career in psychotherapy and drug counselling to pursue her love of baking. Originally, she established a custom cake business and then discovered her passion for teaching the craft of baking. Now an artisan trained baker, Loraine is devoted to sharing these skills with you, to create delicious bakes.

  • Tom

    Workshop co-ordinator

    With over 15 years experience working in education, Tom brings his love of learning to assist in the planning, development and facilitation of the workshops. Apart from providing clear and engaging learning opportunities, Tom sees passion and fun as the key ingredients to teaching and learning.


    ‘Devoted to Bakes” (formally “Devoted to Cakes”) was set up in 2012 as a custom cake business. During a four year stint living abroad, Loraine began teaching students baking and cake decorating at the British International School Jakarta. On their return to Ireland, the focus was on kids camps, parties and workshops. They collaborated with a number of venues, businesses and food festivals to offer onsite cookie decorating events in Dublin and Wicklow. They have encouraged thousands of students to explore the craft and joy of baking through their workshops in schools, camps and events. When the “Covid” pandemic hit, they adapted the business to teach interactive online baking workshops, connecting baking bubbles around the world. Currently, they are creating an online learning platform for you to access baking tutorials and courses. You can get a flavour of what they are creating via their social media channels. Eventually, they hope to combine this online learning platform with face to face classes and events for  bakers young and old(er).

  • Our Mission

    We aim to demystify baking through teaching the skills, science and art of the craft. Immaterial of how experienced you are, for us, it is about designing workshops that are accessible, inspirational and enjoyable for you to bake at home. Through our a range of bakes, topics and tips, baking will be a time to relax, explore and create with us.  Our passion for teaching baking, goes way beyond the bakes, with the focus on the experience, which stays with you, long after you have left our workshops.

    Having previously worked in mental health services Loraine has seen how baking can be used a therapeutic tool. “It helps you focus on the task at hand, brings you out of your head and away from negative thoughts. The tactile nature of kneading dough or rolling pastry enables you to slow down and helps you feel grounded and present in the moment. There is a meditative quality about doing simple tasks like mixing or whisking. Baking with family is a great opportunity to bond and giggle. Especially when your bakes don’t always go to plan!

  • Festivals & Collaborations

    We love getting out of the kitchen and meeting you. Over the years, we have collaborated with a number of festivals and food events offering master classes and onsite cookie decorating! Festivals and events have included the Taste Of Dublin (Guest workshop facilitator), Kaleidoscope (Theatre of Food), Taste of Wicklow, Wicklow Christmas Market, Groove festival and the Beatyard festival.
  • Awards

    As a cake designer, Loraine has been involved in online worldwide collaborations including:  ‘The Sugar Skull Bakers’ and ‘United Nations of Sugar Artists’.

    Awards: 2018 – Silver medalist – Irish Sugarcraft Show, Citywest, Dublin – ‘Fred’ our Turtle carved from cake.

    February – 2019 – Gold medalist – Northern Ireland Sugar Expo, Belfast, N. Ireland. – ‘Flo’ our beautiful woodland nymph sculpted from modelling chocolate.

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  • We we were incredibly impressed by Loraine's professionalism and her calm and gracious manner. Her standards were sky high in terms of both the materials she brought, and her relationship with the children and families, who were held spellbound throughout the time of her presentation. Loraine and Tom brought a real sense of community, involvement, practicality and fun to the proceedings. We would recommend Devoted to Bakes to anyone, and would be very happy to work with this company again.

    Sally McKennaDr. Sally McKenna, @McKennasGuides