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Our Journey 01

Our Journey

‘Devoted to Bakes” (formally “Devoted to Cakes”) was set up in 2012 as a custom cake business. During a four year stint living abroad, Loraine began teaching students baking at the British International School Jakarta. On their return to Ireland, they taught adults and kids through camps, parties and workshops. They collaborated with a number of venues, businesses and food festivals to offer onsite events in Dublin and Wicklow. They have encouraged thousands of students to explore the craft and joy of baking through their workshops in schools, camps and events. When the “Covid” pandemic hit, they adapted the business to teach interactive online baking workshops, connecting baking bubbles around the world. Currently, they are creating an online learning platform for you to access baking tutorials and courses. You can get a flavour of what they are creating via their social media channels. Eventually, they hope to combine this online learning platform with face to face classes and events for bakers young and old(er).

Our Mission 02

Our Mission

We aim to demystify baking through teaching the skills, science and art of the craft. Immaterial of how experienced you are, for us, it is about designing workshops that are accessible, inspirational and enjoyable. Through our a range of bakes, topics and tips, baking will be a time to relax, explore and create with us.  Our passion for teaching baking, goes way beyond the bakes, with the focus on the experience, which stays with you, long after you have left our workshops.

Their approach to the craft of baking, brings sustainability to life in practical and simple ways. The knowledge and skills of baking connect us to the generations that have gone before us, while supporting future generations to be more sustainable. Through an awareness about seasonal products, local producers, interdependence and heritage grains, the simple act of mixing flour and some basic ingredients can have a profound ripple effect.

Having previously worked in mental health services Loraine has seen how baking can be used as a therapeutic tool.
“It helps you focus on the task at hand, brings you out of your head and away from negative thoughts. The tactile nature of kneading dough or rolling pastry enables you to slow down and helps you feel grounded and present in the moment. There is a meditative quality about doing simple tasks like mixing or whisking. Baking with family is a great opportunity to bond and giggle. Especially when your bakes don’t always go to plan”.

Our Background 03

Our Background

Loraine started the company in 2012 after leaving her career in psychotherapy and drug counselling to pursue her love of baking. Originally, she established a custom cake business and then discovered her passion for teaching the craft of baking. Now an qualified artisan baker, Loraine is devoted to sharing these skills with you, to create delicious bakes.

With over 15 years experience working in education, Tom brings his love of learning to assist in the planning, development of the workshops. Apart from providing clear and engaging learning opportunities, Tom sees passion and fun as the key ingredients to teaching and learning.


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We offer one to one and group tuition, corporate workshops & events,  and workshops for special events/occasions.


Book us for a masterclass or demo. We have previously demonstrated and run interactive workshops at Taste of Dublin, Taste of Wicklow and the Kaleidoscope Festival.


Learn the fundamentals of baking through our online learning platform, with lifetime access and flexible learning to suit your lifestyle.

SCHOOLS - Junior Cycle

Contact us to discuss our online and face to face learning options.

Our workshops (both live and pre-recorded) are designed to support students to undertake their learning through learning Outcomes and core elements expressed in Strand 1: Food, health and culinary skills of the Junior Cycle Specification

SCHOOLS - Senior Cycle

Contact us to discuss our online and face to face learning options.

Through our bread and pastry workshops, we share industry knowledge, standards and skills in a way that supports students from novice to advanced.  With a range of courses at different levels, the focus is on the transferable development of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills. Our courses  suit learning for Transition Year, Leaving Certificate Applied and Leaving Cert Home Economics.


Community is really important to us and we like to collaborate with any company that has a similar belief and mission to ours. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Facebook review
Delicious recipes and simple instructions. Loraine makes baking really enjoyable for both kids and grown ups. Highly recommend!
Facebook review
I’ve been following Loraine for a number of weeks now and it’s been such a lovely and positive experience. She has tonnes of patience and explains tasks very well in an easy to follow and fun way. My son and I have had such fun baking along and we’ve both learned some amazing new skills.
Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 10.20.43
Had super fun for our staff night out decorating our face cookies and then guessing who did who. Brilliant fun for all ages.
facebook review
Brilliant fun today at Killruddery Market with Devoted to Cakes in decorating our gingerbread trees. Can't recommend highly enough for adults and children.
Loraine is extremely creative and patient when teaching. What I loved most is that Loraine knew which skills to teach me and made it look so easy. She really considered the foundations of baking and built my skills up gradually ensuring I was secure at each stage. She planned the lessons so thoughtfully that she made each step simple to follow and I would always have something to take away with me and feel proud of.
facebook review
We have all thoroughly enjoyed the great bake alongs with Lorain. My 3 kids have participated and have been very proud and amazed at what they could bake! It has been so great to make baking part of our routine here. We are all very grateful.
Facebook review
We did the bake along twice and found it great fun with a tasty treat at the end! Delighted that we found the site!
Facebook review
Everything was planned perfectly. Loraine arrived and set-up the table beautifully, she then delivered the class brilliantly - she really had the girls enthused! I cant recommend enough, thank you Loraine.
Loraine is such a patient and attentive teacher and her workshops and parties are great fun. My daughter keeps going back for more and I highly recommend Devoted To Bakes.



We are really excited to launch our online learning platform in 2022. We have designed the workshops to fit into your busy schedule. Once you book a workshop you have lifetime access to the course so that you can revisit a topic again and again.

You will learn all the fundamentals of baking from your home kitchen. Loraine’s training is in the bakery industry and she wants to share her passion and skills by teaching the science behind the craft and how you can get great results from your home kitchen.

Loraine has found that many online courses, recipes and workshops are missing key information. By knowing a little bit about the science you can adapt recipes, use different flours and upscale recipes. Rather than just focussing on the end product Loraine will guide you through the whole process and explain the functions of the ingredients you are using. From nutritious breads to delicious pastries you will learn the how and why of baking so that you can have a deeper knowledge and understanding.