Coral Ruffle and Lace Wedding Cake

While everyone else is busy with preparing for Christmas I am working on my wedding cake designs. While I love making the “Kiddies Cakes” and “Novelty Cakes” it  is also nice to do something new. I am getting my  inspiration by looking at different wedding sites, trends for bridal  and bridesmaid dresses, flowers and how different colour schemes can work together.  I am also experimenting with double height cakes. This is where two cakes of the same size are stacked on top of each other. It gives a very different shape and effect and looks very dramatic and elegant.  It also gives more scope for the design as you have a bigger surface area to work on. This week I am sticking to the pastel colours with lace for Spring/ Summer Weddings.

Here is my take on a ruffle cake.

There are two options with this design, depending on how many people you plan to serve it to. More designs coming soon.