Artisan Breads for Beginners

rustic loaves
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Understand the process of bread baking

In this course, I will make it easier for you to bake nutritious artisan breads from your home kitchen. Using the topics of a Rustic Country Loaves, Wholemeal Rolls and Oat and Chia bread I will explore the fundamentals of bread baking. By the end of this course, you will not only learn how to make these beautiful wholesome breads but understand the different processes that make up artisan bread baking.


  • How to use essential equipment to achieve great results.
  • How to work with yeast – the different types explained.
  • Stages of baking – mixing and kneading and knowing when to stop kneading.
  • Bulk fermentation and proving explained.
  • What slows down or speeds up fermentation.
  • How to shape and handle dough.
  • Adding different flours and how this effects your bread making.
  • How to add grains to your dough to make nutritious breads.
  • How to use your home oven to produce great results.
  • The functions of the different ingredients explained at each stage.
  • Oven spring explained.
  • Scoring and decorative techniques
  • Tips on prepping in advance to fit bread baking into your life.
  • Advice on storing and  freezing  pre-baked and baked items.
  • How to make Wholemeal rolls.
  • How to to make Rustic Country Loaves
  • How to make Oat and Chia Healthy Loaves

Course Content

Total learning: 23 lessons


  • Lifetime Access
  • High Quality 4K Video Instruction
  • Expert Tuition from Qualified Artisan Baker
  • Certificate upon completion


No. I will guide you through the whole process step by step and explain the the "how' and"why" of what we are doing. Whether you are a beginner or improver, you will pick up essential information on the functions of adding different ingredients and the science behind the process.
The course is divided up into three different topics and each topic will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The joy of this is that you can move at your own pace, re- watch and pick up different tips and techniques each time. Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to the videos and recipes.
No. You will probably have everything you need already in your kitchen. There is an introductory video with the basic equipment you need. As you progress on your baking journey you can pick up extra tools along the way.
100% , this course is for you! Mixing, kneading and fermentation will be explained in detail and I will trouble shoot along the way. This is a solutions based course. You will be baking delicious, light and airy loaves in no time, I promise.
Clear timings are provided with each step of the process. I have included sample time schedules so you can easily fit it into your life. I find it easier to break up bread making into two days. In this way I can fit it into my lifestyle. I often do most of the prep the evening before and then bake the bread the next morning/afternoon. Also a couple of hours of baking bread is very therapeutic and the perfect escape.Allow yourself the time you deserve it.
Yes. You are never too young to start baking bread. If they are confident in the kitchen, let them off. I have taught many kids the craft of baking bread so don't underestimate them. They are also learning so much about science through the different processes and experiencing sustainability in action. A win, win!
High quality 4K video instruction and PDF recipes for three topics; Wholemeal Rolls, Rustic Country Loaves and Oat and Chia Healthy loaves. You will learn to become confident at mixing, kneading, fermentation, shaping, scoring and baking techniques (see course guide for more learning outcomes). The course is recorded as close to a live workshop as possible. I have included troubleshooting tips along the way, but if you have any questions you can also email me and I will get back to you within a reasonable time frame.
Artisan breads are breads that have been made using traditional methods and ingredients. They are made with a bit more love. With Artisan breads you will be adding more flavour by using techniques like pre-ferments and over night fermentation techniques. The addition of ancient grains, seeds and flours means these breads are healthy, nutritious and tasty. One of the joys of baking breads is using your creativity. Beautiful decorative scoring techniques make these breads unique and stand out from a regular loaf! No two Artisan loaves are the exact same.


Loraine Gleeson

Qualified Artisan Baker Finalist Best In Customer Service - Energia Family Business Awards 2021 Gold Medalist - Northern Irish Sugar Exhibition 2019 Silver Medalist - Irish Sugarcraft Show 2018