Sourdough Starter Course

In order to make beautiful bubbly Sourdough Bread you need an active starter. To celebrate ‘Sourdough September’ and to encourage people to make their own Sourdough Bread we are offering our Sourdough Starter Course FREE for the next 2 weeks.  You will have access to all the videos which bring you through the process day by day! It also includes a downloaded PDF guide with day to day instructions. It takes less than five minutes a day, a little nurturing at the start and you will reap the rewards. It’s so satisfying!

Again, there is a limited time period for this offer,  so take the opportunity now! After 2 weeks the course will expire, so stop procrastinating. Spend less time googling and more time actually baking!

Why Sourdough?
It’s nutritious, sustainable and economical!

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Enjoy, Loraine


  • Large Jar
  • Flour
  • Water


  • High Quality 4K Videos
  • 2 Weeks Access
  • 9 Video Lessons
  • 6 Page PDF Guide

Target audiences

  • Bakers
  • Beginner Sourdough Bakers


You have free access to the course for 2 weeks which gives you plenty of time to make your sourdough starter. Just press 'enroll now' and register to start the course. All the video lessons are in the course curriculum.
It's for complete beginners, or for anyone who has tried to make a starter before but needs more help. You also need to learn how to keep your starter alive, how to maintain it, and very important when to use it.
It's in the final lesson of the course curriculum. See 'Sourdough Starter PDF click here". You can download it from your phone, laptop or tablet. There are also JPEG options available in this lesson.
As this Sourdough Starter course is one of the topics from our "Simply Sourdough" course the bread recipes and time schedules mentioned are in the Simply Sourdough Course. The PDF you receive in this course is the Sourdough Starter 6 page PDF Guide.
Hopefully you will have a lovely active starter and are ready to bake bread! After 2 weeks the course will expire. If you would like to continue you can enroll in our 'Simply Sourdough" course to learn everything you need to know about making delicious sourdough breads.


Loraine Gleeson

Qualified Artisan Baker Finalist Best In Customer Service - Energia Family Business Awards 2021 Gold Medalist - Northern Irish Sugar Exhibition 2019 Silver Medalist - Irish Sugarcraft Show 2018


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  • CMcIver

    Great Course

    After a previous failed attempt I tried this course with success! Decided to give sourdough a try after a trip to the UK and following Loraine on Instagram. So inspired by her bakes!
  • Susie D


    Excellent video instructions, helpful and clear. Printable guide is very useful too.
  • Deirdre

    I did it!

    I just wanted to say after many failed attempts in the past, I am now the owner of an amazing sourdough starter!!! I really like how all the steps were broken down and I knew what job to do each day. Thank you @devotedtobakes - looking forward to the Sourdough Course next :-).
  • Ros

    Highly Recommend

    I'm very proud and amazed that I made a starter. I'm very grateful. Thank you.