Design, Create, Decorate

It has been hectic lately so this is my first post in absolutely ages! We want to bring the “Devoted to Cakes” experience to more people so we have been working behind the scenes to bring you some very exciting products.  We have been designing and creating some really fun cookie kits and a fab tool kit with all the goodies so you can design, create and decorate at home.  It has been a huge journey so far  and I have learned  a huge amount about food production, design, packaging, labelling and all the boring financial stuff which I usually tend to fob off on Thomas but I have stuck with it. Our packaging is in the process of being printed and I will be able to give you a first look at our product by the end of this week. We need you…..we will be looking for your advice and feedback  and some enthusiastic testers as after all these products are for you! We LOVE what we have created and we hope you do too, watch this space…..




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