From Dublin to Jakarta!

Colourful scenes, Jakarta

This is my first blog entry in nearly a year. “Devoted to Cakes” has taken a slightly different direction! I am now living in Jakarta and will be here for another year and a bit. While I’m here I’m hoping this blog will keep me sane. I hope to share with you the highs and lows of living as an expat and keeping my passion for cakes going. 

 I arrived here 7 months ago and after the initial holiday period I experienced severe culture shock. I am not sure if I will ever settle in here but I am making the most of my adventure.  Jakarta is not an easy city to live in, the traffic is horrendous; it can take hours to get across the city, ingredients and supplies are limited and I am battling with the heat and humidity which is every cake decorators nightmare. It is also a bustling, interesting colourful city and I’m up for the challenges it brings.  I am getting back to baking basics (very basic). I nearly died of shock when I realised its impossible to get fresh cream or self raising flour in Jakarta. Chocolate and butter are also a poorer quality than in Europe.  These are the main staples of creating tasty sumptuous cakes! I’m managing to work around this because if I can’t bake I will be miserable. I hope to share recipes, tutorials and my creations with you. I  would love to  hear from anyone who wants to read my blog wherever you are. Maybe there are some expats here in Jakarta who also have a love of all things cakey!