Inspired by Hong Kong


One of the benefits of living in South East Asia is the variety of countries practically on your doorstep. Apart from spending a month in Thailand when I had no responsibilities I have travelled very little before I came to Indonesia. I have always wanted to  explore this continent so for Christmas we took the advantage of long school holidays and we travelled to Hong Kong .

Hong Kong is everything that Jakara is not. It is public transport Utopia; buses, ferries, railways, tramway and FOOTPATHS! We took full advantage by getting an octopus card which you can use on all of these. In Jakata we spend a huge amount of time in the car stuck in the mayhem that is traffic. The rules are “there are no rules”; survival of the fittest. No lanes,very few traffic lights (which are not heeded anyway) no street signs and young boys directing traffic to earn a few bob. Needless to say I don’t drive . I have always loved driving but I would be a basket case after five minutes on the roads here. Most expats  employ drivers who transport us around the city with great skill and patience and without every breaking a sweat!Although we loved our time in Hong Kong like after any holiday its always nice to get home. Surprisingly we enjoyed the familiar chaos as we returned to the city that we are now calling “home”.

Getting back to the subject of cake, when looking at my photos of Hong Kong I loved the red and gold lanterns sold everywhere. I have always loved cherry blossom and saw some beautiful cherry blossom paintings  in Stanley village. Feeling inspired I incorporated both of these ideas into a “Chinese New Year” Cake.