Macarons with two fillings -white chocolate ganache and/or raspeberry buttercream.
Size: I prefer macarons to be small bite sized so I make them with a 4cm diameter. You can draw the circles on baking paper to get a more even size and shape.If you want to increase the size go ahead.
Food colouring: Use a good quality gel food coluring. The best time to add the food colouring is after the meringue has been whiped and before you put in the almond /sugar mix. If you want to make a couple of different colours from the smae mixture you can still add the food colouring after the almond mix. Just make sure to mix in really carefully as you want to keep the air in the mixture.
Clean metal utensils: Macarons hate fat or oil so keep everything really clean and use metal or ceramic bowls and utensils. Plastic absorbs grease.
Resting period: Don't forget to let you macarons to sit at room temperature for 15 minutes to let a skin form before baking.
Baking -It's best to bake the macarons on the middle shelf one tray at a time to get a more even bake. You can leave the other trays to rest, that is fine.
Cool oven : Make sure the oven is at the right temperature and not too hot, use an oven thermometer if necessary.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes


  • Electric mixer with whisk attachment or electric whisk,
  • Baking trays x 2,Baking paper,
  • Piping bag x 3, circle piping nozzle ( optional), decorative piping nozzle ( optional)
  • Sieve, metal spoons, selection of ceramic or metal bowls
  • Microwave or Hob


Macaron ingredients

  • 110 g ground almonds
  • 3 medium egg white room temperature
  • 225 g icing sugar
  • 2/3 drops gel food colouring of choice
  • 1 bowl cold water


    White Chocolate Ganache Icing

    • 150 g white chocolate
    • 50 g fresh double cream

    Raspberry buttercream

    • 50 g butter
    • 100 g icing sugar
    • 2 tbsp raspberry jam



    • Line two baking trays with baking paper. You can draw 4cm circles on the baking paper leaving a small gap between each one. This will help you pipe the macarons the same size. Turn the baking paper with drawing side down.
    • Separate the eggs and be really careful not to get any yolk at all or you mixture will be ruined.
    • With your electric mixer and using the whisk attachment,  whisk the egg whites until they are in standing in soft peaks. Macarons hate fat or oil so keep everything really clean and use metal or ceramic bowls and utensils.
    • Divide the icing sugar in half.
    • Gradually mix in one half of the  sugar until its thick and glossy.
    • Add a tiny drop of  food colouring and gently mix it in.
    • Add the remaining sugar to the ground almonds.
    • Sieve the sugar and almond mixture to remove any lumps.
    • Really carefully fold the two mixtures together with a clean metal spoon.
    • Prepare your piping bag with a round nozzle. If you have a disposable piping bag you can just cut a hole at the bottom( piping nozzle is optional). Spoon the mixture into a piping bag and pipe 4cm circles diameter onto baking sheets.
    • Flatten any peaks with a dab of water on your finger.
    • Bang the tray on your counter top a couple of times to get rid of any air bubbles. Air bubbles can cause the macarons to collapse.
    • If you  still have air bubbles use  a toothpick to prick the air bubbles.
    • Leave the trays of macarons aside for about 15-20 minutes at room temp until a skin forms.
    • Bake in the oven one tray at a time at 150 degrees for 18 - 20 minutes until they have risen and they peel away from the baking paper easily. If you see them starting to bake too quick and brown a little all you can turn the oven down to 140 degrees.

    White Chocolate Ganache

    • Warm the cream for 30 seconds at a time in the microwave. Make sure it does not boil but is warm enough for the chocolate to melt.
    • Add the white chocolate and let it melt.
    • Stir to dissolve all the lumps of chocolate
    • Leave aside to set at room temp. It is set when it can be spread onto the macarons like butter or can be easily piped. If it goes to hard pop it back into the microwave and melt again for 15 seconds and start again.

    Raspberry Buttercream

    • Soften the butter in the electric mixer
    • Add your seedless raspberry jam and mix well
    • Gradually add the icing sugar and mix really well


    • Using a clean piping bag and nozzle of your choice fill the piping bag with your chosen filling
    • Pipe a small amount of your filling on one macaron shell.
    • Place another shell on top.
    • When they macarons are filled they can be stored in the fridge and then brought out to room temperature to serve.
    • Macaron shells can be stored in a tin for up to five days without filling.