My first demonstration….

Morning its 7.45 am Tuesday morning and before I start my day I thought I would fill you in on what I have been up to. I was invited to do some classes and demonstration with Decobake Batchelors Walk. I was really excited and also a little nervous as it was my first time to give a  sugar craft class.

 My first demonstration was how to carve a logo onto a cake by tracing the logo or picture onto parchment paper then onto sugar paste and then carving the shape out. You can also print logos out on edible sheets of icing but it does not have the same effect. When you carve a logo by hand it gives a 2D effect and really stands out.  There is more skill involved which is much more fun. Now this was my first demonstration and it its very different to when I am working in my own kitchen. For starters I had 10 people watching every detail and secondly I was under time pressure to get it all done in the given time. I have to say it was lots of fun and the nerves subsided as soon as I started working. I had a lovely group which helped.  I showed them how to  carve out the Superman logo and a Hello Kitty picture.

The second class was the Minnie Mouse cake. I was really excited about this one of  the first cakes I ever made and a really popular one. This was a challenging class for everyone especially as some of the pupils had never covered a cake with sugar paste.  The class went really well and all the Minnie’s looked great. Minnie and Mickey mouse figurines are quite difficult to get right and everyone had fantastic results in such a short timescale!