Vintage blue lace cake with handpainted sugar teacup

I love this colour blue and the delicate lace pattern which is also made from icing. My original idea was to have two cups on the top but decided that one cup with a saucer would look better. I made the cup first and loved the turquoise blue in the flower so decided the cake would be that colour.

The teacup I used to mould the shape of the cup was one of my grandma Troy’s cups who died when I was a child. She was a keen crafter, crochet and knitting was her speciality and I think she has passed some of her skills down to my mam and to me.

It then got me thinking of  a lovely idea for a wedding cake. Why not have a replica cup  handcrafted from sugar to sit on the top of your wedding cake.  Perhaps belonging to your aunt, mum, grandmother. I know sometimes the couple getting married like a relation to bake the cake or to be ia part of the celebration somehow. This would be a really nice special touch. What do you think?