When to stop kneading!

When do you stop kneading?
How do you know that your dough has been kneaded enough? 🍞
Your recipe may say knead for 10 minutes but I have often been kneading for 20 minutes or more before the dough is ready. 🤔
This can be down to the type of dough, your strength and kneading technique, if you are using a machine and the temperature of the room. 🥐
The ‘window pane’ test is a test you do to see if the gluten has developed enough for the dough to rise and hold its shape.
By taking a piece of dough and gradually stetching it from underneath with your finger tips you can tell if it’s ready. If it still looks a bit lumpy when you stretch it it’s not ready yet. Knead again until it’s stretchy, smooth and clear like in the video. It is then ready for it’s bulk ferment. 👍

I hope that helps you..

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